What makes a woman?

Ladies, we need to remind each other to not listen to the world and the devil when they tell us lies about who we are.

You are not less of a woman if you never get married

You are not less of a woman if you never get pregnant

You are not less of a woman if you never have a natural birth

You are not less of a woman if you never breastfeed

You are not less of a woman if you have had a mastectomy or a hysterectomy

I believe that what makes us fully women is living out God’s plan and purpose for our lives.   When God made man, He said, “it is not good for man to be alone”.  God’s very purpose in creation was for us as women to help men to rule over creation.  We are designed for equality and interdependence with man.

It was a woman (Rahab) who kept the spies safe in Jericho

It was a woman (Deborah) who brought the Israelites victory over Sisera because she was braver and wiser than any man at that time

It was women (Moses’ mother, Moses’ sister, Pharaoh’s daughter) who kept Moses safe as a child

It was a woman (Ruth) who, in spite of being a foreigner and a widow, behaved so honorably that she was blessed to be the great grandmother of King David and in the genealogy of Jesus

It was a woman (Mary) who believed the angel about carrying the Messiah

It was women who followed Jesus and took care of His needs and out of their own means helped to support His disciples (Matthew 27:55, Mark 15:41, Luke 8:3)

It was a woman (at the well) who brought the gospel to the Samaritans

It was women who were brave enough to go to Jesus’ tomb to prepare His body for burial, and were privileged to be first to see the resurrected Christ

My Jordanian friend N is a single mom who is putting one of her daughters through medical school and the other through college in another country – she is godly, brave and smart

My Palestinian friend S came to Hope Clinic faithfully every Thursday to share with our patients and pray with them when no one else from the church was willing to do so.  She is faithful, dependable, and compassionate

My Syrian friend N was one of the financially poorest people I know yet one of the spiritually richest people I’ve ever met – her childlike faith and thankful attitude was contagious

My doctor friend L serves as a single lady in my beloved adopted country.   She may not ever marry or have children of her own but she has “adopted” a bunch of little Arab girls and loves them fiercely.

My African American friend B works a full time job, is raising 5 children, and has done foster care over the years.  She shows up to the office ready to love on our little patients and help them to know they are special and cared for.

My California friend W has worked over the years to bring the domestic and sexual abuse issues in her host country to light and has trained local women how to counsel and help those suffering from abuse.  She is courageous, passionate, and kind.

I know many more women who are living out God’s plan and purpose for their lives.  They inspire and encourage me to do the same.  We were never meant to be “cookie cutter” women who all follow one blueprint for womanhood in their lives:  get married, get pregnant, have natural deliveries, breastfeed, and have perfect bodies.  Let’s remind each other of that and cheer on our sisters when we see them living out their unique lives for Him.




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3 Responses to What makes a woman?

  1. Darlene says:

    Thank you for this encouragement today, dear friend! You are a strong, courageous, loving, determined, kind, giving, wise, Godly woman and I’m glad to call you my friend!


    • ahschupp says:

      Darlene, thank you so much for your encouragement and support, you are all those things as well and I am blessed to have you as one of my dearest friends!


  2. Steph Kuhn says:

    Thanks Angie. I’m reposting this :).


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