Two Are Better Than One!

With great joy, I introduce to you Ryan and Bethany Schupp-Blevans!

Their wedding took place July 11th in an intimate ceremony near Salem, Oregon.  Rick had the honor and privilege of performing the ceremony and was able to get through it without too many tears of joy

The mother and father of the bride couldn’t have been happier!  What a joyous time of celebration!

Joshua and Jonathan had a lot of fun!

The gluten-free chocolate cake was beautiful AND delicious!

The first dance:

My brothers and their wives came from Chicago:

Rick’s sisters joined us as well, Holly from D.C. and Elizabeth from New Jersey:

Elizabeth’s boys were with us too:

Grandma and Seido were with us as well and many photos of them and other dear guests will be posted later on Facebook.  Nana and Pop Pop unfortunately couldn’t be with us physically but were with us in spirit and with their prayers.

I thank God for what He has done in our lives!  Thanks for sharing in our joy!

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5 Responses to Two Are Better Than One!

  1. Steven Brown says:

    Blessings to all. Thanks for sharing about the special day.


  2. nuha says:

    So happy for you all, God bless the bride and bridegroom.


  3. Pam Mason says:

    Congratulation!!! Beautiful family !!


  4. Kelli Scott says:

    Congratulations on your expanding family! So sweet & beautiful!!


  5. Cindy says:

    Beautiful family pictures and memories!


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